Wash Kit

Wash Kit

Detailing Kit

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The Auto Finesse Winter Wash Kit was designed in conjunction with our Winter Wheel Kit and out Winter Protection Kit and contains everything you need for an initial wash this winter.

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Wash Kit

Wash Kit

| £19.95
  • Wash Kit
  • Wash Kit
  • The Auto Finesse Winter Wash Kit contains everything you need for an initial wash this winter

    Winter Wash Kit

    The Auto Finesse Winter Wash Kit contains everything you need for an initial wash this winter



The Winter Wash kit contains the following:

1 x Lather shampoo 500ml – RRP. £11.95. (due to stock levels original fragrance may be replaced with Lather Shakes)

The Lather car shampoo is one of our favourite products, as well as being a favourite amongst respected detailers. No matter what fragrance you choose, you’ll always get a top finish. Together with a good car technique such as the two-bucket rule, Lather will give you swirl-free clean results. The sealant safe, pH-neutral formula comes neat and can be diluted down to suit your individual needs. The dirtier the vehicle, the more shampoo you should use.

1 x Citrus Power bug and grime remover 1-litre – RRP. £9.95.

Citrus Power – our infamous bug and grime remover. Featuring a gentle but effective mix of ingredients, Citrus Power removes road contaminants, as well as bugs and brake dust with ease. There’s no need to scrub, simply spray onto the bottom quarters of the vehicle and allow to dwell for several minutes before jet washing off. Citrus Power is gentle enough to use on top of protection layers such as wax or sealant and can be used to degrease motorcycle and car engines, along with lacquered door shuts and enamelled badges.

1 x Deluxe wash mitt – RRP. £9.95.

The Auto Finesse Deluxe wash mitt is one of our most prized products. It’s made from the same soft microfibre as our Aqua Deluxe drying towel, helping to absorb more bubbles for the perfect wash. Made from 1200GSM, the pile is super deep ensuring a good thick wash combined with our Lather shampoo. Add two or three capfuls of Lather to a bucket and foam up by adding warm fresh water. Dip the mitt into the water and tackle a panel at a time, remembering to work from top to bottom. Make sure to leave the dirtier areas until last.




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