Wheel Maintenance Kit

Wheel Maintenance Kit

Detailing Kit

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The Auto Finesse® wheel maintenance kit will help keep your wheels looking there very best.      





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Wheel Maintenance Kit

Wheel Maintenance Kit

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The Auto Finesse Wheel Maintenance Kit has been designed in conjunction with our Wheel Care Guide and ensures keeping your favourite wheels clean is an easy task.

Kit includes:

1x Satin Tyre Dressing 500ml

1x Revolution Wheel shampoo 500ml

1x Mint Rims 100ml

1x Tyre Dressing Applicator

1x Microfibre Cloth

1x Foam Applicator

Safe to use on painted wheels, steels, painted, powder coated, polished, and even magnesium wheels.

How To Use

Directions for use:

1. Spray your wheels with Imperial Wheel Cleaner and the agitate any dirt on the surface.
2. Dry your wheels and apply a layer of Mint Rims to help keep your wheels clean.
3.Using Satin and the tyre and trim applicator supplied apply a layer of tyre dressing to finish your wheels off.

If you are looking for more shine, simply add another layer of Satin.




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