Wheel Maintenance Kit

Wheel Maintenance Kit

Detailing Kit

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The Auto Finesse® wheel maintenance kit will help keep your wheels looking their very best.      





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Wheel Maintenance Kit

Wheel Maintenance Kit

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The Auto Finesse Wheel Maintenance Kit has been designed in conjunction with our Wheel Care Guide and ensures keeping your favourite wheels clean is an easy task. Our Wheel Maintenance Kit has been put together using products of which are safe to use on painted wheels, steels, painted, powder coated, polished, and even magnesium wheels.

The kit includes the following:

1 x 500ml Satin Tyre Creme – RRP. £8.95.

Satin Tyre Crème is the first progressive tyre dressing that allows you to decide on the level of shine you want. It has a gel-like consistency allowing you to layer the product up to your liking; one layer will give you a clean, natural satin-matte finish, while multiple layers will give you more of a depth of shine. The more layers you add, the more shine. It’s also packed with UV-Inhibitors, helping to condition the sidewalls of your tyres and prevent them from cracking over time. Simply apply a few drops to our tyre applicator and rub onto the outer wall of the tyre. Layer up as desired.

1 x 500ml Revolution Wheel Soap – RRP. £9.95.

Auto Finesse Revolution is an advanced deep cleaning wash designed to break down brake dust and road grime, while being gentle on painted, polished, anodised and other specialist finishes. Simply add 2-3 capfuls to a bucket of fresh (cold or warm) water and liberally apply to the wheel’s surface using one of our wheel brushes. Finish by rinsing thoroughly. Dry off using the included microfibre towel.

1 x 100ml Mint Rims Wheel Wax – RRP. £19.95.

Auto Finesse Mint Rims Wheel Wax is a unique blend of high temperature synthetic waxes and solvent carriers to protect wheels with durability of 2-3 months. Mint Rims seals your wheels from hot, corrosive brake dust and oxidation, while protecting against everyday weather. Mint Rims wheel wax can be used on any wheel finish, including painted, powder-coated, clear coated, anodised, chromed, and bare polished alloys. Apply Mint Rims before a change of season. Simply half turn a foam applicator in the tin and apply directly to wheels. 1 x your choice of black bucket with print logo, detailers kit bag or crew bag or both Detailers kit bag and Black bucket.

1 x Tyre Dressing Applicator – RRP. £1.95.

The 95mm x 35mm tyre dressing applicator is the clean and easy way to apply any one of our tyre dressings. The green section of the sponge is slightly firmer making it easier to hold and spread gel dressings, while the grey area is softer for going over a manufacturer’s tyre marks. Pointed ends can be used for hard-to-reach areas to ensure full coverage.

1 x Microfibre Work Cloth – RRP. £1.50.

The Auto Finesse work cloth is our most versatile cloth. Measuring in at 400mm x 400m and featuring a 300GSM, it’s made up of soft white microfibre ideal for all manner of cleaning tasks including removing wax or sealant and deep-cleaning dashboards.

1 x Yellow Foam Applicator – RRP. £1.25.

The Auto Finesse yellow foam applicator is great for applying our waxes and sealants, as well as tyre dressings. The applicator measures in at 100mm diameter x 10mm thickness.

How To Use

Directions for use:

1. Spray your wheels with Imperial Wheel Cleaner and the agitate any dirt on the surface.
2. Dry your wheels and apply a layer of Mint Rims to help keep your wheels clean.
3.Using Satin and the tyre and trim applicator supplied apply a layer of tyre dressing to finish your wheels off.

If you are looking for more shine, simply add another layer of Satin.




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