Professional Course

Professional Course

Academy Training Course

Become a master in the art of detailing. The Pro course is tailored to giving you complete confidence in tackling any detailing task at a professional level.


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Professional Course

| £2,495.00
Course Description

Day One

Upon arrival at the detailing academy we will have a vehicle dropped off to use ready to be detailed as a customer would. Our first stage would be to go through a methodical and in-depth advanced wash process, whereby we tackle everything needed prior to the polishing stage. This will include engine care, door shuts, paint work intricacies degreased and cleansed. Next it's onto an extended pre wash and two bucket wash process, working grills and tighter areas with brushes. With the vehicle still wet we will be moving onto an in depth paint work decontamination set, looking at how we can utilise other detailing tools and equipment to aid the decontamination of the paint work so we have no contamination prior to polish. With the vehicle now fully clean we will be using a selection of microfibre towels and air tools to insure the vehicle is fully dried safely with no trapped water. 

With our vehicle now fully prepped it will be moved inside to our state of the art detailing bay and put onto a ramp so we can safely remove the wheels and access the undercarriage for further cleansing. The use of the ramp means that you can put the wheels outside to be fully decontaminated inside and out prior to wheel coating or wax.

Day Two

Day two brings the start of the paint work inspection. This will lead us to look at each panel one at a time highlighting defects that need to be dealt with, from holograms to swirls into sanding pig tails that may have been left over from the factory or evening panel re finishes. All of the defects will become apparent with the use of different colour temperature LED lighting systems. To further assist we will teach you how to use a paint depth gauge to see how much material there is to polish. This will be completed with the aid of graphics to help you fully understand the depth of different defects, you can gain an understanding as to which defects need which polish and machine.  

Once the vehicle is fully inspected all delicate areas will be masked and covered to help stop machine polishing dust getting into areas which you don't want to have to clean again. This will include rubbers, grills, windscreens and thinner edges which may have been identified with low paint depths.

With the assessment and prep work now complete it's onto the compound. We will demonstrate effective machine polishing techniques with an array of different machines including; rotaries, dual actions, pneumatic powered and even battery powered.  This coupled with a selection of different pad types such as; wool, microfibre and foam will allow us to effectively remove deeper scratches, sanding marks and swirl marks.

Day Three

To break up the cycle of just machine polishing the car, on day three we will have some time dedicated to the business side of detailing. We will explore how you intend to brand yourself, the type of clientele you are aiming for and how to manage their expectations. All aspects are just as important as the process of detailing itself. We will also give you an insight into the costs of starting up and running on a day to day basis. A great period for you to learn about the real world of detailing and not just fancy fifty fifty shots that need to be posted on Instagram or Facebook!

Once our business section is done it's back to the bay for some more polishing! Further exploring different techniques around the car using some smaller pad sizes and even in some cases extensions bars to reach areas. Once the compound stage is done it's onto the refining stage. Here you will gain real understanding of how important pad cleanliness is. Diving into different foam consistencies and structures and how they can effect your finish you achieve. All the while you will be gaining a greater understanding of how different paint polishes work to create the ultimate correction for your customer.

Day Four

Back in on day four of the detail and the correction work now complete you will be ready to learn about protecting the car fully, experimenting with different coatings, sealants and waxes. It's important that we cover all three of these forms of protection as not every customer will want the same finish. You may have one customer who wants a full coating package of their daily driver Range Rover, and your next customer may have a classic car with single stage paint which will not except the chemicals used in coatings, so a sealant and wax may be the route you have to explore. Either way we will ensure you have an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of protection, covering paintwork, trim, glass and wheels.

With ninety five percent of the exterior now complete you will now explore the interior. We will teach you how to use different machines and techniques to ensure the ultimate deep clean is achieved. This will cover all different material types so you are equipped to clean fabric surfaces, plastic and rubber surfaces and also leather and alcantara surfaces too. An aspect of the detailing process that is less glamorous that should never be overlooked as it's where your customer will spend most of their time with the vehicle. 

Finally we will look at the last five percent of the detail that will separate your work from the next detailers. Ensuring that with the use of detailing swabs, tooth picks and little brushes all off the tight area are clean and perfect. Making sure all tyres, trims and arches are correctly dressed, also making sure that all badges are straight and lined up and of course the glass is smear free and perfect! And of course if you have any further questions to fire away at our detailers you can do so.

Additional Day

As this is our flagship pro course we also offer an extra day to anyone taking the pro course who wishes to learn about the wet sanding process.

We allocate an extra day for wet sanding as its such an in depth process. We will explore both texture levelling and also texture matching. Texture levelling is the removal of the peeks and troths of the paint finish often referred to as orange peel removal. This extensive process will require many different grades of sanding paper, both by hand and by machine. A process that is most commonly used on high end cars and show cars to achieve that mirror like shine everyone desires.

Much the same as texture removal, we will also cover texture matching. More commonly used for panels and areas that have been re finished since the car had its original paint applied. This process will look at different backing foams that will make the sanding process more adaptive, meaning you can match the texture from one panel to another. 

We will also teach you how to remove deep isolated scratches with the help of sand paper by hand. Often safer than just trying to machine polish a scratch away, an isolated spot sand will effectively remove the defect saving the original paint. A technique that takes a little time to master one by one we can teach you.

  • Complete wash and decontamination training

    Professional Course
  • Advanced paint inspection and assessment

    Professional Course
  • Advanced paint correction and finishing

    Professional Course

    A course tailored to giving you complete confidence in tackling any detailing task at a professional level. The Pro course is tailored to you, covering all aspects of detailing we will meticulously detail a subject vehicle together as a "live job”. Go into detail on wash processes, deep cleaning techniques, decontamination, advanced paint assessment & correction, as well as interior deep cleaning and more. Our aim is to send you away ready to tackle anything you may face in a life as a professional detailer.