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  • Complete Protection Kit
    The Caramics System offering the ultimate in professional grade ceramic detailing products for you to apply at home, with step by step guides and all the products required to ceramic coat each and every surface of your vehicle.

    Caramics Ceramic Coating   |  

  • Paintwork Protection Kit
    The ultimate in long lasting protection and gloss for your vehicles paintwork that lasts up to 12 months.

    Caramics Ceramic Coating   |  

  • Glass Protection Kit
    The ultimate in long lasting hydrophobic coatings for exterior automotive glass and windscreens.

    Caramics Ceramic Coating   |  

  • Protection Bundle
    The Auto Finesse Protection Bundle contains everything you need for the ultimate shine and protection this summer.


    £47.86 £35.00 (SAVE 27%)
  • Wheel Protection Kit
    The ultimate in long lasting ceramic protection for your vehicles wheels that lasts up to 12 months.

    Caramics Ceramic Coating   |  

  • Interior Protection Kit
    All you need to coat every surface of your vehicles cockpit, from leather upholstery to cloth seats and carpets.

    Caramics Ceramic Coating   |  

  • Radiance
    Radiance carnauba créme offers the deep wet look shine associated with our hard wax collection in an easy to use cream formula.

    Carnauba Créme   |  

  • Essence 150g
    The Auto Finesse Essence Carnauba car wax enhances bright coloured paintwork as well as add depth to dark metalic paint finishes, while providing protection for up to 3 months.

    All round car wax   |  

  • Fusion 150g
    Auto Finesse Fusion is the ultimate hybrid wax for those that want the finish a natural carnauba wax leaves, with the durability that a paint sealant offers. 

    Hybrid car wax   |  

  • Soul 150g
    Soul carnauba car wax, by Auto Finesse®, lets your vehicle’s natural beauty shine through.

    Car wax   |  

  • Passion 150g
    Auto Finesse® Passion carnauba car wax creates a warm oily wet finish to your car's paint work.

    Car Wax   |  

  • Illusion 150g
    Auto Finesse Illusion is our award winning show wax, providing results that last up to 3 months.

    Show car wax   |  

  • Spirit 150g
    Auto Finesse Spirit car wax has been developed to enhance metallic and pearlescent paint finishes and protect for up to 6 months. Blended with natural waxes and oils.

    Car wax (for metallic finishes)   |  

  • Desire 150g
    Auto Finesse Desire wax is our flagship hard wax and has been developed to add depth and clarity to paintwork, with a finish lasting up to 6 months on daily driven vehicles.

    Ultra durable natural wax   |  

  • Temptation 150g
    Auto Finesse Temptation is our entry-level carnauba wax, creating the same flawless finish with a more modest price tag

    Car wax   |  

  • Mint Rims 100ml
    The Auto Finesse Mint Rims wheel wax is a high temperature synthetic wax for your wheels, helping to maintain specialists finishes and making future cleaning a breeze.

    Wheel wax   |  

  • Work Cloth
    The Auto Finesse® Work Cloth is a versatile microfibre cloth perfect for all types of cleaning.

    Microfibre Cloth   |  

  • Soft Top Kit
    The Auto Finesse® Soft Top Kit provides the ultimate protection for your convertible roof, all year around.

    Detailing Kit   |  

  • Waxmate XL
    The Auto Finesse Waxmate XL wax applicator is the perfect partner to the Auto Finesse® carnauba car wax jars

    Wax applicator   |  

  • Wax Kits
    Enhance your cars paintwork with the Auto Finesse® Wax Kit.

    Wax Kit   |  

  • Wax Spot Pad
    Turn your Auto Finesse® Handi Puck into an ergonomic wax applicator with the Auto Finesse® Wax Spot Pad.

    To fit the Handi Puck   |  


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