Our range of pH neutral car shampoos / car cleaning products are designed to be gentle but effective at cleaning as well as removing contamination from a cars paintwork and exterior surfaces. Whether it be a routine weekly car wash, or a one-off deep clean, the right car cleaning products can make the job easy. From our unique car wax and paint sealant safe citrus pre-wash (Citrus Power) to our foaming pre-wash Snow Foam (Avalanche). Then onto Lather, our pH balanced car shampoo right through to de-ionising contamination fallout remover like Iron Out, we have the right detailing products for every car cleaning task.

  • Avalanche Sweetshop 1 litre
    Avalanche Sweetshop 1 litre

    Snow Foam


    Avalanche Snow Foam effectively removes dirt and grime from your vehicle, prepping your vehicle for the contact-wash stage.

  • Lather Shakes 500ml
    Lather Shakes 500ml

    pH Neutral Car Shampoo


    Shake up your car wash with these new special edition Lather car shampoo fragrances. The same great no nonsense car shampoo now available in your favourite milkshake fragrance. 

  • Citrus Power 1-Litre
    Citrus Power 1-Litre

    Bug and Grime Remover


    Citrus Power is a wax and sealant friendly, highly effective bug and grime remover suitable for both maintenance washes and thorough cleans.

  • Avalanche 1-Litre
    Avalanche 1-Litre

    Snow Foam


    Avalanche Snow Foam effectively removes dirt and road grime from your exterior, prepping your vehicle for the contact-wash stage.

  • Aqua Deluxe
    Aqua Deluxe

    Drying Towel


    Aqua Deluxe is the ultimate drying towel with its large 500mm x 700mm diameter and 1200g/m² deep pile that will absorb all surface water.

  • Imperial 500ml
    Imperial 500ml

    Wheel Cleaner


    Auto Finesse Imperial wheel cleaner is a powerful non-acidic cleaning agent to remove brake dust and road grime from your vehicle's wheels safely.

  • Iron Out 500ml
    Iron Out 500ml

    Contaminant Remover


    Auto Finesse Iron out is a simple way of removing brake dust and iron particles from your vehicle, helping to prevent paint corrosion.

  • Ultra Soft Wash Mitt
    Ultra Soft Wash Mitt

    Wash Mitt


    The Auto Finesse® Ultra Soft Mitt is a genuine lambs-wool wash mitt helping to aid a swirl-free wash process.

  • Oblitarate 500ml
    Oblitarate 500ml

    Tar and Glue Remover


    The Auto Finesse ObliTARate tar and glue remover is a strong, solvent-based formula that quickly dissolves contamination on contact,

  • Aqua Coat 1 Litre
    Aqua Coat 1 Litre

    Hydrophobic Rinse Aid


    Add a protective layer of Si02 coating to all exterior surfaces right at the wash stage with Aqua Coat, the spray on, rinse off solution that will change the way you wash your car forever.

  • Clay Bar
    Clay Bar

    Detailing Clay Bar


    The Auto Finesse Detailing Clay Bar is an effective way to remove embedded contaminants, leaving your vehicle feeling truly clean and free of build-up.

  • Glide 500ml
    Glide 500ml

    Clay Bar Lube


    Auto Finesse Glide Clay Bar Lubricant lubricates your paintwork to allow your clay bar to slide across your vehicle surface lifting any contaminants with ease.

  • Verso 1-Litre
    Verso 1-Litre

    All-Purpose Cleaner


    The Auto Finesse® Verso is our all-purpose cleaner, perfect for cleaning a vehicle's interior and exterior surfaces.

  • Rag Top Cleaner 500ml
    Rag Top Cleaner 500ml

    Hood Cleaner


    Rag Top Hood Cleaner is a deep cleansing solution to remove ground in dirt, mould and moss for a new lease of life.

  • Revolution 500ml
    Revolution 500ml

    Wheel Soap


    Auto Finesse® Revolution is an advanced deep cleaning wash solution to break down brake dust and road grime from wheels. Protects all paint types and wheel sealants.

  • Lather 500ml
    Lather 500ml

    pH Neutral Car Shampoo


    The Auto Finesse Lather car shampoo is a PH neutral, wax and sealant friendly solution. The ultimate choice for a swirl free clean.