Spring Detox

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  • Foam Lance
    Purchasing a foam lance and a high quality snow foam is a priceless investment. It’ll save you time and money trying to get rid of the inevitable marring and fine scratches which are often caused due to not treating a vehicle to a snow foam in the first instance.

    + Free 1L Snow Foam     |  

  • Tripple 500ml
    Auto Finesse Tripple is the perfect all-in-one cleaner and polish - a must in anyone's detailing bag.

    All in one polish   |  

  • Avalanche 1-Litre
    Avalanche Snow Foam effectively removes dirt and road grime from your exterior, prepping your vehicle for the contact-wash stage.

    Snow Foam   |  

  • Iron Out 500ml
    Auto Finesse Iron out is a simple way of removing brake dust and iron particles from your vehicle, helping to prevent paint corrosion.

    Contaminant Remover   |  

  • Ultra Soft Wash Mitt
    The Auto Finesse® Ultra Soft Mitt is a genuine lambs wool wash mitt helping to aid a swirl free wash process.

    Wash Mitt   |  

  • Clay Bar
    The Auto Finesse Detailing Clay Bar is an effective way to remove embedded contaminants, leaving your vehicle feeling truly clean and free of build-up.

    Detailing Clay   |  

  • Glide 500ml
    Auto Finesse Glide Clay Bar Lubricant, lubricates your paintwork to allow your clay bar to slide across your vehicle surface lifting any contaminants with ease.

    Clay Lube   |  

  • Oblitarate 500ml
    The Auto Finesse ObliTARate tar and glue remover is a strong, solvent-based formula that quickly dissolves contamination on contact,

    Tar and glue remover   |  

  • Fusion 150g
    Auto Finesse Fusion is the ultimate hybrid wax for those that want the finish a natural carnauba wax leaves, with the durability that a paint sealant offers. 

    Hybrid car wax   |  

  • Lather 500ml
    The Auto Finesse Lather car shampoo is a PH neutral, wax and sealant friendly solution. The ultimate choice for a swirl free clean.

    Car Shampoo   |  

  • Verso 1-Litre
    The Auto Finesse® Verso is our all-purpose cleaner, perfect for cleaning a vehicle's interior and exterior surfaces.

    All-purpose cleaner   |  

  • Interior Detail Brush
    The Auto Finesse Interior Detail Brush has been developed for those hard to reach areas such as grilles, vents and intricate interior trim.

    Detailing Brush   |  


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