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  • Tripple 500ml
    Auto Finesse Tripple is the perfect all-in-one cleaner and polish - a must in anyone's detailing bag.

    All in one polish   |  

  • Ultra Glaze 500ml
    The Auto Finesse® Ultra glaze is a non-abrasive acrylic polymer enriched glaze designed to enhance paintwork, whilst reducing the appearance of fine swirls.

    Paint glaze   |  

  • Rejuvenate 500ml
    The Auto Finesse Rejuvenate pre-wax cleanser is a glaze-based abrasive designed specifically to enhance the beauty and performance of our signature waxes.

    Pre Wax Cleanser   |  

    £22.95 £16.07 (SAVE 30%)
  • Revitalise No:1
    Auto Finesse® Revitalise No.1 is our paintwork restoring compound, capable of tackling severe defects on the hardest of paint types.

    Restoring compound   |  

  • Revitalise No:2
    Auto Finesse® Revitalise No.2 is our paintwork polishing compound, capable of tackling medium to light swirls and defects to paintwork.

    Polishing compound   |  

  • Revitalise No:3
    Auto Finesse® Revitalise No.3 is our paintwork refining compound, capable of finishing paint to perfection.

    Refining compound   |  

  • Pad Prime
    The Auto Finesse Pad Prime is the ideal product for prepping your machine polishing pads, before use.

    Pad lubricant   |  

  • Vision 500ml
    Vision, light abrasive glass polishes that removes stubborn stains and fills fine scratches to add clarity to tired looking glass.

    Glass polish   |  

  • Revitalise System
    The Auto Finesse Revitalise system is a three-step paint correction system, all in one handy kit.

    Paint correction kit   |  

  • Masking Tape
    The Auto Finesse masking tape is perfect to prevent burn-through when machine polishing, or protects paintwork if en-route to a show.

    Detailing Tape   |  

  • Revitalise Pad No:1
    The Auto Finesse Revitalise Pad No. 1 is designed to work in-conjunction with the Revitalise No.1 Restoring compound to effortlessly remove defects and correct your cars paintwork with ease.

    Restoring pad   |  

  • Revitalise Pad No:2
    The Auto Finesse Revitalise Pad No. 2 is designed to work in-conjunction with the Revitalise No.2 polishing compound to effortlessly remove light defects and correct your cars paintwork with ease.

    Polishing pad   |  

  • Revitalise Pad No:3
    Designed for use alongside the Auto Finesse® Revitalise No.3 refining compound, Revitalise Pad No:3 effortlessly removes light defects and corrects your cars paintwork with ease.

    Refining pad   |  

  • Revitalise Spot Pads
    The 85mm Auto Finesse Revitalise spot pads the perfect companion to a DA machine polisher.

    85mm Spot Pads    |  


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