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  • Finale 500ml
    The Auto Finesse Finale quick detailer is the perfect way to finish off your detailing, with its water-based solution and suitability for all surfaces.

    Quick detailer   |  

  • Vision 500ml
    Vision, light abrasive glass polishes that removes stubborn stains and fills fine scratches to add clarity to tired looking glass.

    Glass polish   |  

  • Glisten 500ml
    Auto Finesse Glisten is an advance spray wax, which is perfect for those with little time or for treating hard to reach areas

    Spray Wax   |  

  • Dressle 500ml
    Dressle is a water-based plastic dressing solution to leave your plastic trims looking like new and protecting further with UV inhibitors.

    All purpose trim dressing   |  

  • Hog Hair Detailing Brushes
    The Auto Finesse Hog Hair Detailing Brushes (pair) feature super soft natural bristles that are safe on paint and will not inflict swirls or scratches.

    Hog Hair   |  

  • Satin 500ml
    Auto Finesse® Satin is the first progressive-finish tyre dressing allowing you to decide on the level of shine you want.

    Tyre Dressing   |  

  • Crystal 500ml
    Auto Finesse Crystal is an alcohol-based solution that is suitable for all glass and acrylic windows, leaving a smear and residue free finish.

    Glass Cleaner   |  

  • Revive 250ml
    Auto Finesse® Revive is a silicone-based trim dressing that brings life back to your exterior plastics, while being water resistant.

    Trim dressing   |  

  • Rag Top Protector 500ml
    The Auto Finesse Rag Top Protector spray and leave application seals all types of convertible fabric roofs from the daily elements, helping prevent mould and UV fading.

    Hood protector   |  

  • Handi Puck Kit
    Handi-Puck Starter Kit is the ideal way to turn your favourite spot pads in to ergonomic hand applicator and save money at the same time.

    Handi Polisher Kit   |  

  • Mercury 100ml
    Mercury is a solvent-based paste metal polish that is suitable for all metal types on old and new vehicles. 

    Metal polish   |  


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