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  • 20th Anniversary Collectors Edition Set
    Introducing the Luxury 20th Anniversary Collectors Edition Set! A Limited Edition collection to celebrate 20 years of Finesse.


  • Speed Shine Kit
    The Auto Finesse Speed Shine kit contains everything you need for the perfect finish. Put together by a number of consulting detailing professionals, the kit is made up of products that have been a hot-combo for customers for years for getting that ideal finish following the cleaning stages.

    Detailing Kit   |  

  • Ultimate Car Care Kit
    The Auto Finesse® Ultimate Car Care Kit is the crème-de-la-crème and the perfect gift for any car enthusiast.    

    Detailing Kit   |  

  • Connoisseurs Kit
    Connoisseurs Kits are the perfect way to start off your detailing journey with convenience. This kit contains everything you need from start to finish, at a great price.   

    Detailing Kit   |  

  • Accessories Selection

    Detailing Kit   |  

  • Crystal Clear Kit
    The Auto Finesse Crystal Clear kit includes everything required for clean, smear-free glass.

    Glass Cleaning Kit   |  

  • Decontamination Kit
    The Auto Finesse Paintwork Decontamination Kit is the perfect way to remove iron particles, tar and contamination from your vehicle safely in preparation for washing.

    Decontamination Kit   |  

  • Deep Cleaning Wheel Kit
    Deep Cleaning Wheel Kits are the perfect way to decontaminate, deep cleanse, protect and finish your wheels.

    Deep Cleaning Wheel Kit   |  

  • Engine Bay Kit
    Engine Bay Kits are the perfect way to degrease, clean and dress your engine bay to display at a car show with 100% hog hair brushes.

    Detailing Kit   |  

  • Interior Cleaning Kit
    Interior Cleaning Kits are the perfect way to clean and protect your interior surfaces, with our low foaming solutions and uv inhibitors to prevent fading.

    Detailing Kit   |  

  • Revitalise System V2
    The Auto Finesse Revitliase System V2 is a three-step paint correction system, all in one handy kit. 

    Paint correction kit.    |  

  • Leather Kit
    The Auto Finesse Leather Kits are the perfect way to restore, clean and condition your leather upholstery to give a brand new factory satin-matte finish.

    Detailing Kit   |  

  • Sample Set
    The Auto Finesse® Sample Set gives you a taste of what our products are all about, including 5x 100ml samples, complete with accessories in a handy carry case.

    Samples   |  

  • Soft Top Kit
    The Auto Finesse® Soft Top Kit provides the ultimate protection for your convertible roof, all year around.

    Detailing Kit   |  

  • Starter Kit
    Not sure what products to buy or just not sure which ones to buy? The Auto Finesse starter kit includes everything you need to get started.     

    Detailing Kit   |  

  • Ultimate Wash Kit
    The Auto Finesse Ultimate Wash Kit was designed in conjunction with our Ultimate Car Wash Guide and contains everything you need for a thorough wash 

    Detailing Kit   |  

  • Wax Kits
    Enhance your cars paintwork with the Auto Finesse® Wax Kit.

    Wax Kit   |  


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