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Here at Auto Finesse we understand product selection can often be difficult. This is why we have created a full range of detailing kits that will help you choose the right products for the job in hand. From our 5-piece sampler set containing our five best selling-products in 100ml bottles to give you a taste of the Auto Finesse range, to our interior kit that offers you everything that you need to bring your interior back up to that factory fresh feel and look. Our two paint sealants, Power Seal and Tough Coat both come in their own kits along with a clay bar, pre-sealant cleanser, applicator and microfiber towel. However, if you prefer the warm glow that a natural carnauba wax offers, we have our full range of hand made carnauba wax kits. These kits includes a 200ml jar of our hand made carnauba wax, a large 200 gram clay bar and Glide, our clay lube, Rejuvenate pre wax cleanser, an XL-Wax Mate applicator and a plush microfiber cloth to finish the job. However, if you require something more, we bring you the Ultimate Car Care Kit. This contains everything you need to detail your vehicle to the highest standard from top to bottom.

  • Spring decon kit
    Spring decon kit

    Remove all the contamination that winter motor has left behind with our spring decontamination kit. 

  • Spring protection kit
    Spring protection kit

    The ultimate spring detailing kit containing all you need to prepare and maintain a show stopping shine thought spring.

  • Handi Puck Kit
    Handi Puck Kit

    Handi Polisher Kit


    Handi-Puck Starter Kit is the ideal way to turn your favourite spot pads in to ergonomic hand applicator and save money at the same time.

  • Ultimate Car Care Kit
    Ultimate Car Care Kit

    Detailing Kit


    The Auto Finesse® Ultimate Car Care Kit is the crème-de-la-crème and the perfect gift for any car enthusiast.

  • Passion Wax Kit
    Passion Wax Kit

    Wax Kit


    Auto Finesse® Passion carnauba car wax creates a warm oily wet finish to your car's paint work.

  • Spirit Wax Kit
    Spirit Wax Kit

    Wax Kit


    Spirit Wax Kits are the perfect way to enhance metallic and pearlescent paint finishes and protect for up to 6 months. Blended with natural waxes and oils.

  • Fusion Wax Kit
    Fusion Wax Kit

    Wax Kit


    Auto Finesse Fusion is the ultimate hybrid wax for those that want the finish a natural carnauba wax leaves, with the durability that a paint sealant offers.

  • Illusion Wax Kit
    Illusion Wax Kit

    Wax Kit


    Auto Finesse Illusion Wax Kits are the perfect way to protect your vehicle, complete with award winning show wax offering 2-3 month durability.

  • Revitalise System
    Revitalise System

    Paint Correction Kit


    The Auto Finesse Revitalise system is a three-step paint correction system, all in one handy kit.

  • Power Seal Kit
    Power Seal Kit

    Detailing Kit


    The Auto Finesse® Power Seal paint sealant kit provides everything you need for protection of up to 12 months.

  • Temptation Wax Kit
    Temptation Wax Kit

    Wax Kit


    Auto Finesse Temptation Wax Kits are the perfect way to enhance a vehicle's paintwork, with protection of up to 2 months.


  • Wash Kit Plus+
    Wash Kit Plus+

    Detailing Kit


    The Auto Finesse® Wash Kit Plus+ comes complete with everything you need for the wash process of any detail.

  • Ultimate Wash Kit
    Ultimate Wash Kit

    Detailing Kit


    The Auto Finesse Ultimate Wash Kit was designed in conjunction with our Ultimate Car Wash Guide and contains everything you need for a thorough wash 

  • Interior Cleaning Kit
    Interior Cleaning Kit

    Detailing Kit


    Interior Cleaning Kits are the perfect way to clean and protect your interior surfaces, with our low foaming solutions and uv inhibitors to prevent fading.

  • Speed Shine Kit
    Speed Shine Kit

    Detailing Kit


    The Auto Finesse® Speed Shine Detailing Kit contains everything you need for the perfect finish.

  • Engine Bay Kit
    Engine Bay Kit

    Detailing Kit


    Engine Bay Kits are the perfect way to degrease, clean and dress your engine bay to display at a car show with 100% hog hair brushes.

  • Leather Kit
    Leather Kit

    Detailing Kit


    The Auto Finesse Leather Kits are the perfect way to restore, clean and condition your leather upholstery to give a brand new factory satin-matte finish.

  • Soft Top Kit
    Soft Top Kit

    Detailing Kit


    The Auto Finesse® Soft Top Kit provides the ultimate protection for your convertible roof, all year around.

  • Connoisseurs Kit
    Connoisseurs Kit

    Detailing Kit


    Connoisseurs Kits are the perfect way to start off your detailing journey with convenience. This kit contains everything you need from start to finish, at a great price.

  • Decontamination Kit
    Decontamination Kit

    Decontamination Kit


    The Auto Finesse Paintwork Decontamination Kit is the perfect way to remove iron particles, tar and contamination from your vehicle safely in preparation for washing.

  • Deep Cleaning Wheel Kit
    Deep Cleaning Wheel Kit

    Deep Cleaning Wheel Kit


    Deep Cleaning Wheel Kits are the perfect way to decontaminate, deep cleanse, protect and finish your wheels.

  • Wheel Maintenance Kit
    Wheel Maintenance Kit

    Detailing Kit


    The Auto Finesse® wheel maintenance kit will help keep your wheels looking there very best.

  • Crystal Clear Kit
    Crystal Clear Kit

    Glass Cleaning Kit


    The Auto Finesse Crystal Clear kit includes everything required for clean, smear-free glass.

  • Sample Set
    Sample Set



    The Auto Finesse® Sample Set gives you a taste of what our products are all about, including 5x 100ml samples, complete with accessories in a handy carry case.

  • Essence Wax Kit
    Essence Wax Kit

    Wax Kit


    The Auto Finesse Essence Carnauba car wax enhances bright coloured paintwork as well as add depth to dark metalic paint finishes, while providing protection for up to 3 months.

  • Soul Wax Kit
    Soul Wax Kit

    Wax Kit


    Soul Wax Kits are the perfect way to protect and add gloss to your white and bright colour paint finishes with 3-months of durability.

  • Desire Wax Kit
    Desire Wax Kit

    Carnauba Wax Kit


    Auto Finesse Desire wax is our flagship hard wax and has been developed to add depth and clarity to paintwor, with a finish lasting up to 6 months on daily driven vehicles.

  • Tough Coat Kit
    Tough Coat Kit

    Detailing Kit


    The Auto Finesse Tough Coat Kit is the quick and easy way to protect your car for months and months.