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  • Speed Shine Kit
    The Auto Finesse Speed Shine kit contains everything you need for the perfect finish. Put together by a number of consulting detailing professionals, the kit is made up of products that have been a hot-combo for customers for years for getting that ideal finish following the cleaning stages.

    Detailing Kit   |  

  • Ultimate Car Care Kit
    The Auto Finesse® Ultimate Car Care Kit is the crème-de-la-crème and the perfect gift for any car enthusiast.    

    Detailing Kit   |  

  • Connoisseurs Kit
    Connoisseurs Kits are the perfect way to start off your detailing journey with convenience. This kit contains everything you need from start to finish, at a great price.    *Due to current stock levels, Satin will be replaced with Gloss 500ml*

    Detailing Kit   |  

  • Accessories Selection

    Detailing Kit   |  

  • Crystal Clear Kit
    The Auto Finesse Crystal Clear kit includes everything required for clean, smear-free glass.

    Glass Cleaning Kit   |  

  • Decontamination Kit
    The Auto Finesse Paintwork Decontamination Kit is the perfect way to remove iron particles, tar and contamination from your vehicle safely in preparation for washing.

    Decontamination Kit   |  

  • Deep Cleaning Wheel Kit
    Deep Cleaning Wheel Kits are the perfect way to decontaminate, deep cleanse, protect and finish your wheels.

    Deep Cleaning Wheel Kit   |  

  • Engine Bay Kit
    Engine Bay Kits are the perfect way to degrease, clean and dress your engine bay to display at a car show with 100% hog hair brushes.

    Detailing Kit   |  

  • Detailers Kit Bag
    The Auto Finesse Detailing Kit Bag is the ideal way to store your detailing kit in style, holding up to 10 1-Litre Auto Finesse bottles in the main compartment.

    Detailing Kit Bag   |  

  • Finishing Touches
    Protect all your hard work the right way with our Finishing Touches Kit. Your answer to achieving that long lasting finish.

    Pre-protection Kit   |  

  • Crew Bag
    The Auto Finesse Crew Bag is the ultimate way to carry your detailing kit while on the move, or even just to keep all your car care products in one place in the garage.

    Detailers Holdall Bag   |  

  • Handi Puck Kit
    Handi-Puck Starter Kit is the ideal way to turn your favourite spot pads in to ergonomic hand applicator and save money at the same time.

    Handi Polisher Kit   |  

  • Interior Cleaning Kit
    Interior Cleaning Kits are the perfect way to clean and protect your interior surfaces, with our low foaming solutions and uv inhibitors to prevent fading.

    Detailing Kit   |  

  • Leather Kit
    The Auto Finesse Leather Kits are the perfect way to restore, clean and condition your leather upholstery to give a brand new factory satin-matte finish.

    Detailing Kit   |  

  • Pro Wheel Kit
    Wheels can make or break a car. Now, we can’t comment on the wheels you decide to put on your car, but we can at least help with keeping them in top-notch condition, so we put this pro wheel kit together including everything you need for just that.


  • Radiance Protection Kit
    The perfect double act that will cleanse and protect your paintwork with ease. Just a couple of easy steps to ensure your vehicle is protected for up to three months.

    Carnauba Protection Kit   |  

  • Rapid Finish Kit
    The Rapid Finish kit, brought to you by Auto Finesse, is the kit you need if you’re looking for a show worthy finish on the fly incorporating everything you need for the ideal show finish in rapid time. Keeping on top of your maintenance clean has never been easy, just spray on and wipe off.

    Detailers finishing kit   |  

  • Revitalise System
    The Auto Finesse Revitalise system is a three-step paint correction system, all in one handy kit.

    Paint correction kit   |  

  • Sample Set
    The Auto Finesse® Sample Set gives you a taste of what our products are all about, including 5x 100ml samples, complete with accessories in a handy carry case.

    Samples   |  

  • Detailers Fuel T-Shirt (Heather)
    The 'DETAILERS FUEL' in heather is a fresh new addition to the Auto Finesse range.

    100% Cotton T-shirt   |  

  • Show Stopper Kit
    The Auto Finesse Show Stopper kit includes everything you need to get that show sine, one handy carry bag. How did we come up with it? Well, we had one of our professional detailers pick out their ultimate carry on for a show and this is the result.


  • Soft Top Kit
    The Auto Finesse® Soft Top Kit provides the ultimate protection for your convertible roof, all year around.

    Detailing Kit   |  

  • Splash 'n' Dash Kit
    If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to wax and wax your car then look no further. We’ve put together the awesome Splash ‘n’ Dash kit together for a fast show-stopping finish. Not only that, the kit alone provides six weeks’ worth of protection.

    Detailing Kit   |  

  • Detailer 99 T-Shirt - White
    The 'DETAILER 99 ' in white is a fresh new addition to the Auto Finesse range.

    100% Cotton T-shirt   |  

  • Starter Kit
    Not sure what products to buy or just not sure which ones to buy? The Auto Finesse starter kit includes everything you need to get started.    *Due to stock levels, Satin may be replaced with Gloss 500ml*

    Detailing Kit   |  

  • Tripple Trio Kit
    Auto Finesse Tripple is the perfect all-in-one cleaner and polish, combined with our new Radiance Carnauba Cremé and our tried and tested Lather shampoo

    Tripple Trio Kit   |  

  • Ultimate Wash Kit
    The Auto Finesse Ultimate Wash Kit was designed in conjunction with our Ultimate Car Wash Guide and contains everything you need for a thorough wash 

    Detailing Kit   |  

  • Wash Kit
    The Auto Finesse Winter Wash Kit was designed in conjunction with our Winter Wheel Kit and out Winter Protection Kit and contains everything you need for an initial wash this winter.

    Detailing Kit   |  

  • Wash Kit Plus+
    The Auto Finesse® Wash Kit Plus+ comes complete with everything you need for the wash process of any detail.

    Detailing Kit   |  

  • Race Face T-Shirt
    The 'RACE FACE' in black is a fresh new addition to the Auto Finesse range.

    100% Cotton T-shirt   |  

  • Wax Kits
    Enhance your cars paintwork with the Auto Finesse® Wax Kit.

    Wax Kit   |  

  • Wheel Kit
    The Auto Finesse winter wheel kit has been put together by some of our professional detailer friends. The kit includes the best of the best when it comes to wheels – everything you need for the perfect wheel cleanse this winter.

    Detailing Kit   |  

  • Wheel Maintenance Kit
    The Auto Finesse® wheel maintenance kit will help keep your wheels looking their very best.              

    Detailing Kit   |  

  • Camper T-Shirt (White)
    The 'CAMPER VAN' T-shirt is a fresh new addition to the Auto Finesse range.

    100% Cotton T-shirt   |  

  • Speed Freak T-Shirt (Black)
    The 'SPEED FREAK' in black is a freshened version of an earlier design of the Auto Finesse range.

    100% Cotton T-shirt   |  

  • Lanyard
    Keep your keys safe with the Auto Finesse lanyard, complete with soft silk effect material and printed Auto Finesse logo. 

    Lanyard   |  

  • Key Ring
    The Auto Finesse leather key rings are the perfect way to jazz up your car keys - available in 7 different colours.

    Leather Key Ring   |  

  • Bumper Sticker Pack
    Show your support with the 250mm x 50mm chrome effect bumper sticker pack from Auto Finesse.

    Sticker   |  

  • Round Logo Sticker
    Show your support with this foil-backed matte-black, round, bumper sticker from Auto Finesse®

    Sticker   |  

  • Speed Freak Hoodie (Black)
    The new Speed Freak Hoodie, from Auto Finesse®, is the perfect way to warm-up this coming winter.

    Zip-up Hoodie   |  


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