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  • Garage Banner
    <p style="font-size: 13px;">The Auto Finesse Garage Banner is the finishing touch to your detailers den. Coming in at 122cm wide x 65cm high in a heavyweight material, complete with metal eyelets for easy hanging.</p>

    PVC Banner   |  

  • Complete Protection Kit
    <p>The Caramics System offering the ultimate in professional grade ceramic detailing products for you to apply at home, with step by step guides and all the products required to ceramic coat each and every surface of your vehicle.</p>

    Caramics Ceramic Coating   |  

  • Interior Protection Kit
    <p>All you need to coat every surface of your vehicles cockpit, from leather upholstery to cloth seats and carpets.</p>

    Caramics Ceramic Coating   |  

  • Glass Protection Kit
    <p>The ultimate in long lasting hydrophobic coatings for exterior automotive glass and windscreens.</p>

    Caramics Ceramic Coating   |  

  • Wheel Protection Kit
    <p>The ultimate in long lasting ceramic protection for your vehicles wheels that lasts up to 12 months.</p>

    Caramics Ceramic Coating   |  

  • Paintwork Protection Kit
    <p>The ultimate in long lasting protection and gloss for your vehicles paintwork that lasts up to 12 months.</p>

    Caramics Ceramic Coating   |  

  • Micro Wash 500ml
    <p>Care for your microfibre products the same way they do for your vehicles paintwork, with this fortified microfibre detergent. Microwash can be used for both hand washing or by using right in your washing machine, to clean and recondition microfibre towels to their&nbsp;original plushness.</p>

    Microfibre Detergent   |  

  • Aroma Car Freshener 250ml
    <p>Awaken your senses and make the cockpit of your car smell better than ever before with a hint of your favourite Aroma - The spray air freshener for your car.</p>

    Spray Air Freshener   |  

  • Lather Fruit Fusions 500ml
    <p><span style="font-size: 13px;">Freshen up your car wash with these new special edition fruit infused Lather car shampoo fragrances. The same great no&nbsp;nonsense car shampoo now available in your favourite fuit fragrance.&nbsp;</span></p>

    Car Shampoo   |  

  • Barrel Brush
    <p>Barrel Brush is the most advanced brush. When all other brushes seem to be falling short, Barrel Brush uses every inch of its soft scratchless bristles to get deep into the areas that need through cleaning.</p>

    Wheel Brush   |  

  • Work T-shirt (Black)
    <p style="font-size: 13px;">The 'work' T-shirt is a well-fitting, light-weight cotton T, and has the Auto Finesse logo design printed on the front as a small crest and as a large back print. Available adult Sizes - S, M, L, XL, XXL</p>

    100% Cotton T-shirt   |  

  • Berry Crush
    <p>Give your car interior a scented boost with the all-new Detailers Fuel Air Fresheners.</p> <p>The Detailers Fuel Air Fresheners come in four exclusive to-2018 scents, perfect for any vehicle.</p>

    Air Freshener   |  


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