Enthusiast Course

Enthusiast Course

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An Introduction to detailing "from the ground up" the Enthiusiast course covers everything from wash to decontamination, machine polishing and the finishing touches.

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Course Description
Engine, Shuts & Wheels
Although daunting at first, cleaning and detailing your engine bay and door shuts is a task that anyone should be able to tackle. Cleaning your engine and shuts is not a job that will be done every time you clean your car however when done correctly it is an aspect that will separate your detail from the next persons.
In our enthusiast course we will break down each stage of the degreasing, cleaning and dressing process to help how to tackle them with ease.
With your engine and door shuts now complete it's onto the next dirtiest part of the vehicle, wheels. We will break down the three different sections of the wheels and which cleaners are relevant to the different styles and materials of wheels. This companied with the correct selection of tools will make wheel cleaning a breeze. Whilst we are cleaning the wheels we will also explore the best way to clean and maintain wheels arches for that freshly detailed look.
Pre Wash & Contact Wash
As contact washing is seen as one of the most common ways of attracting those dreaded swirls we will fully examine the different ways that we can pre wash a vehicle to remove as much road grime as possible before contact washing. We will look at exploring both Citrus Power and also look into the benefits of snow foaming with Avalanche, and then where they can be used together.
With as much dirt removed as possible it’s on to the two bucket wash process and why we use the two bucket process, also exploring different wash mitts and what's best suited to you. With the correct wash mitt selected we will dive into the correct technique for washing to help avoid inducing swirl marks using our pure shampoo Lather. 
Decontamination & Drying
To achieve that smooth as glass finish we will need to decontaminate the vehicle once its clean and washed, both chemically and mechanically. The chemical decontamination stage will be tackled with both Iron Out and Oblitarate. We will start with Iron Out to safely and effectively remove the tiny pieces of ferrous shrapnel that can embed itself into practically any surface.
Oblitarate will dissolve and remove tar deposits that get kicked up by tyres whilst driving. The final stage to the decontamination process will be claying the paint work safely to remove any above surface contamination that's left with the use of a Clay Bar and Glide and showing you how to safely use a clay bar.
Before we move onto polishing the vehicle we will look at how to safely dry the paint work. Understanding different techniques that can be used to different paint types and also the introduction of air to ensure all siting water is expelled to avoid those pesky water drips later on.
Polishes, Glazes & Paint Cleansers
Understanding the different types of paint polishes, glazes and cleansers can sometimes be a little bit confusing to some. Therefore in this segment we will cover the difference between our Tripple all in one polish, Ultra Glaze paint Glaze and Rejuvenate paint cleanser. We will look at the correct way to apply each of these using both the Hands Puck system and also microfibre application, also whens the best time to use each different one. This will also lead into helpful tips and tricks and about using these in places you wouldn't expect.
We will also cover how to layer the products as many do not fully understand the ins and outs of layering paint polishes to achieve a truly wet look and deep shine prior to using waxes and sealants.
An Introduction to Machine Polishing 
During our enthusiasts course we will also introduce you into the world of machine polishes. We aim to take away any fears that you may have when it comes to using a machine polisher. However as this is still just the enthusiasts course we will just look at how you can speed up your detailing process with the use of a machine polisher. This will be mainly based around using polishes, glazes and cleansers on a machine.
For a more in-depth look at machine polishing its processes we would recommend the advanced course that we hold at the detailing academy.
Waxes & Sealants
The final stage we will look at on this course is last stage protections, both natural carnauba waxes and more advanced cross linking polymer paint sealants. 
In our range we have a wide range of waxes that suit all different paint types. As you would expect these come with different directions for use, from applying one panel at a time to apply to the entire vehicle. With the help of a the Waxmate mate we will look into the correct amount of wax to use and also the best method to apply and also buff off to ensure you get the full potential when waxing  
We will also explore the use and benefits of using a paint sealant.  Looking at which paint colours are best suited to the cooler more clinical appearance of a synthetic paint sealant. Also how too easy and simple paint sealants are to apply for the length of durability that is achievable.
Interior, Glass & Finishing Touches
Of course detailing is not just about the cleanliness of you paint work so we will also be covering those finishing touches that will take your process to the next level. This will include the correct application of tyre cremes such as Satin, plastic dressing with Revive and Dressle and exhaust tip cleansing with Mercury. 
We will also teach you the art of smear free window cleaning and our personal secrets into glass care using our world famous Crystal glass cleaner. 
Finally we will finish with the basics of interior care and what you need to know in order to keep your cockpit in tip top condition. Looking at correct hoovering techniques and understanding what cleaners and tools should be used where.

  • Learn which order to use each product in

    Enthusiast Course
  • Advanced car washing techniques

    Enthusiast Course
  • Enthusiast Course

    Take the plunge into the world of detailing in this “from the ground up" course that covers everything from wash to decontamination, machine polishing and the finishing touches. We guide you through the basics and teach you the order to approach a detail along with the order in which you use products.

  • An Introduction to machine polishing

    Enthusiast Course
  • The finishing touches

    Enthusiast Course