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  • Aqua Deluxe
    Aqua Deluxe
    Aqua Deluxe is the ultimate drying towel with its large 500mm x 700mm diameter and 1200g/m² deep pile that will absorb all surface water.

    Drying Towel   |  

  • Duo Edgeless
    Duo Edgeless
    Duo Edgeless is the perfect detailing towel with its dual sided and edgeless design for swirl-free detailing.

    Microfiber Cloth   |  

  • Glass Waffle
    Glass Waffle
    Glass Waffle is the ideal glass towel with its weave design to leave a streak free finish at all times and suitable for all glass.

    Waffle Weave Towel   |  

  • Micro Tweed
    Micro Tweed
    The Auto Finesse Micro Tweed microfibre towel is the ideal detailing cloth, with its weave design to prevent residue from clogging while wiping, reducing the risk of marring paintwork.

    Tweed Microfibre Cloth   |  

  • Polish Pads
    Polish Pads
    Microfiber Polish Pads are the ideal choice for polishes and paint cleansers because of its soft, and comfortable surface, by Auto Finesse®

    Microfiber Pad   |  

  • Primo Plush
    Primo Plush
    The Auto Finesse® Plush Cloth is a deep-pile plush microfibre that is perfect for residue removal and final buff-off.

    Microfibre Cloth   |  

  • Ultra Plush Microfiber
    Ultra Plush Microfiber
    800 GSM 40x40 microfiber towel - the perfect buffing partner.

    Microfiber Cloth   |  

  • Work Cloth
    Work Cloth
    The Auto Finesse® Work Cloth is a versatile microfibre cloth perfect for all types of cleaning.

    Microfibre Cloth   |  

  • Microfibre Applicator
    Microfibre Applicator
    Microfiber Applicator is the ideal choice for polish and paint cleansers because of its soft, large surface area. Can also be used on leather.

    Microfibre Applicator   |  


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