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  • Barrel Brush
    Barrel Brush is the most advanced brush. When all other brushes seem to be falling short, Barrel Brush uses every inch of its soft scratchless bristles to get deep into the areas that need through cleaning.

    Wheel Brush   |  

  • Hog Hair Detailing Brushes
    The Auto Finesse Hog Hair Detailing Brushes (pair) feature super soft natural bristles that are safe on paint and will not inflict swirls or scratches.

    Hog Hair   |  

  • Mini Barrel Brush
    Auto Finesse® Is a wheel cleaner designed to scrub deep inside the barrel of alloy wheels for a deep cleaning through and through.

    Wheel Brush   |  

  • Interior Detail Brush
    The Auto Finesse Interior Detail Brush has been developed for those hard to reach areas such as grilles, vents and intricate interior trim.

    Detailing Brush   |  


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