Bestselling Products

  • Aqua Deluxe
    Aqua Deluxe

    Drying Towel


    Aqua Deluxe is the ultimate drying towel with its large 500mm x 700mm diameter and 1200g/m² deep pile that will absorb all surface water.

    • Size: 500mm x 700mm

    • Deep 1200gsm pile to absorb all surface water

    • Super absorbent inner core

    • Effortless drying

    • Machine washable 

  • Iron Out 500ml
    Iron Out 500ml

    Contaminant Remover


    Auto Finesse Iron out is a simple way of removing brake dust and iron particles from your vehicle, helping to prevent paint corrosion.

    • Removes brake dust and iron particles from your vehicle

    • Advanced PH neutral formula

    • Suitable for paintwork, aluminium, anodised wheels and glass

    • Prevents paint corrosion with regular use

    • Contains degreasing agents to remove road grime

  • Sweet Shop Air Fresheners
    Sweet Shop Air Fresheners

    Air Freshener


    Keep your car interior smelling sweet with the Auto Finesse® Sweet Shop Air Freshener.

    • Comes in a range of colour and design options

  • Citrus Power 1-Litre
    Citrus Power 1-Litre

    Bug and Grime Remover


    Citrus Power is a wax and sealant friendly, highly effective bug and grime remover suitable for both maintenance washes and thorough cleans.

    • Bug and traffic film remover

    • Wax and sealant friendly

    • Citrus scent

    • Suitable for engine bay degreasing and cleaning

  • Ultra Soft Wash Mitt
    Ultra Soft Wash Mitt

    Wash Mitt


    The Auto Finesse® Ultra Soft Mitt is a genuine lambs-wool wash mitt helping to aid a swirl-free wash process.

    • 220mm X 230mm surface area

    • Soft genuine lambs-wool wash mitt

    • Natural deep pile to lift any contaminants from your vehicle

    • Separate thumb area for greater control in hard to reach areas

  • Avalanche 1-Litre
    Avalanche 1-Litre

    Snow Foam


    Avalanche Snow Foam effectively removes dirt and road grime from your exterior, prepping your vehicle for the contact-wash stage.

    • A thick foam to cleanse paintwork of road contaminants

    • Citrus infused

    • Loosens dirt and road grime safely

    • Wax friendly and suitable for regular use 

  • Aroma

    Air Freshener


    The Aroma Air Fresheners are 80mm X 80mm and come in a variety of different scents, perfect for any vehicle.

    • Size: 80mm X 80mm

    • Retro pin-up designs

    • A variety of scents, perfect for any vehicle

    • Long lasting

  • Lather 500ml
    Lather 500ml

    pH Neutral Car Shampoo


    The Auto Finesse Lather car shampoo is a PH neutral, wax and sealant friendly solution. The ultimate choice for a swirl free clean.

    • pH neutral shampoo

    •  Concentrated solution

    • Strong cleaning power

    • Wax and sealant safe

    • Lusciously thick foam

    • Residue-free rinsing

    • Tangerine-scented

  • Finale 500ml
    Finale 500ml

    Quick Detailer


    The Auto Finesse Finale Quick Detailer is the perfect way to finish off your detailing, with its water-based solution and suitability for all surfaces.

    • Water based quick detailer with T1 grade Carnauba wax

    • Non-streaking

    • Suitable on all surfaces, including paint, glass, hard plastic, and brightwork trim.

    • Cherry fragranced

  • Waxmate XL
    Waxmate XL

    Wax Applicator


    The Auto Finesse Waxmate XL wax applicator is the perfect partner to the Auto Finesse® carnauba car wax jars

    • Developed to fit the exact diameter of our new 150g wax tins
    • 85mm surface area | 40mm thick

    • 1/4 turn in a wax tin gives full coverage of applicator, for even coverage

    • Raised-grip platform can be compressed down and stored in the top of the wax pot

  • Duo Edgeless
    Duo Edgeless

    Microfiber Cloth


    Duo Edgeless is the perfect detailing towel with its dual sided and edgeless design for swirl-free detailing.

    • Size: 400mm x 600mm

    • Dense short pile one side and deep plush pile on the reverse

    • Edgeless design for swirl free detailing

    • Ideal for use with detailing spray and final buffing

  • Oblitarate 500ml
    Oblitarate 500ml

    Tar and Glue Remover


    The Auto Finesse ObliTARate tar and glue remover is a strong, solvent-based formula that quickly dissolves contamination on contact,

    • Removes stubborn tar and glue residue

    • Doesn’t damage the underlying finish

    • Safe to use on all modern painted and powder-coated surfaces

    • Suitable for all plastic trims and glass