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The Aroma Air Fresheners are 80mm X 80mm and come in a variety of different scents, perfect for any vehicle.

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  • Size: 80mm X 80mm
  • Retro pin-up designs
  • A variety of scents, perfect for any vehicle
  • Long lasting


Designed to keep your car smelling fresh and clean all year round, the Aroma Air Fresheners come in a variety of specially selected fragrances and pin-up style designs.

Dimensions: 80mm X 80mm

Fragrances include: Red - Berry Aroma

Blue - Cool Wave Aroma

Green - Clean Cotton Aroma

Yellow - Midnight Oil Aroma

Detailing Tips

For some, having an air freshener hanging from their rear view mirror can restrict view. Try hanging your air freshener in the rear of your car. Most cars have rear garb handles, these can be the perfect place to attach your air freshener and it wont impede your view.




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